Tonja Leach

April 17, 2019 | 9:45–10:30 am

Keynote: Disruption and Beyond David Layzell, Director- Canadian Energy Systems Analysis Research Initiative and will provide thought provoking insight into the new Transition Pathway Accelerator for energy systems, how the energy sector is changing our freight infrastructure across Canada and how Personal Mobility initiatives will disrupt the EV and personal driving sector.
Moderator- Tonja Leach, Executive Director, QUEST

About Tonja Leach

Tonja Leach became Executive Director of QUEST on October 18, 2018, having been with QUEST since its inception in 2007 in a number of roles of increasing responsibility. She has been instrumental in establishing QUEST’s extensive national network and ensuring that QUEST is known as the Canadian organization that accelerates the adoption of efficient and integrated community-scale energy systems in Canada by informing, inspiring, and connecting decision-makers.

Having spent the past 15 years in the downstream energy industry, Tonja is highly regarded as a strategic thinker and a doer with a passion for finding solutions to complex energy issues at the local level. Most recently, having been the Interim Executive Director and prior to that the Managing Director, Operations and Services, Tonja has taken a leading role in the operations of the organization, developing and implementing the infrastructure, systems and human resources required for QUEST to grow and support the Smart Energy Communities marketplace.

Prior to QUEST, Tonja worked for the Canadian Gas Association in communications since 2003. During that time Tonja acted as the secretariat for a coalition of 19 energy industry associations known as the Energy Dialogue Group, who came together to encourage the establishment of a national energy framework for Canada.