TJ Lawy

April 16, 2019 | 3:45–4:30 am

Hydrogen- Fuel Cell & Hydrogen as well as Air to Fuel Technologies
This session reflects on Europe’s push for hydrogen projects while looking at Ballard’s hydrogen fuel cells providing global clean energy solutions for transit buses, trucks, rail and marine; and Carbon Engineering’s technology which can produce global-scale quantities of clean fuels that are drop-in compatible with today’s transportation infrastructure and engines, but add little or no fossil carbon emissions to the atmosphere.
Anna Stukas, Business Development, Carbon Engineering
Gordon McIntosh, Special Advisor, Nalcor 
TJ Lawy, Principal Engineer, Ballard Power Systems
Moderated by Stephen Moore, VP, Research, MQO

About TJ Lawy

TJ Lawy is a Principal Engineer with Ballard Power Systems with over 17 years of experience in the fuel cell industry. He has has worked on fuel cell projects in Europe, Asia and North America for transit buses, cars, rail and in materials handling and stationary power applications. Over the years, TJ has worked with system integrators and vehicle manufacturers to integrate fuel cells into various applications and has supported fuel cell vehicle fleets in the field. More recently, he managed product development and deployment of Ballard’s fuel cell systems for buses and trucks.