Serghei Musaji

April 17, 2019 | 11:45–12:30 pm

Leading Energy Efficiency Initiatives
Let’s deep dive into some successful efficiency initiatives from various areas and hear what the future may have in store for our energy conscientious communities.
Sara Mudge, Community Energy Specialist, NB Power
Jeff Knapp
, Manager Energy & Wastewater Treatment Infrastructure Engineering, Halifax Water
Serghei Musaji, TME, UNB
Kaelan Keys, Business Development Manager, Efficiency NS
Moderated by Efficiency NS

Dr. Serghei Musaji is a Post-Doctoral Research fellow in Technology Management and Entrepreneurship at UNB. He holds a PhD in Business and Management from IE Business School, Spain and his current research is focused on energy cost minimization in residential and energy efficiency in corporate sectors.

In the residential sector, he is examining the possible uses of alternative heating and cooling technologies for cost reduction in conditions of differentiated intraday rates.

In the corporate segment, he is studying the trends in the energy consumption by firms and public institutions in New Brunswick and attempts to provide a better understanding how composition of top management teams, corporate tree structure, location, industry type, competitive and operational environments influence the dynamics in the energy consumption. He is also developing a model forecasting the energy spending in industry as a reaction to the changes in main commodity prices.