Jonathan Duke

April 17, 2019 | 10:30–11:15 am

Consumer Insights presented by Jonathan Duke and Stephen Moore of MQO

About Jonathan Duke

Today, planning is exponentially more complicated than it used to be, requiring marketing strategists to be Jacks & Jills of all trades. That’s where Jon comes in. He digs deep to learn our client’s business, to figure out who the audience really is, what drives them, along with the best way to reach them with a message that matters. Most of all he brings clarity, focus and purpose to client’s marketing and communications. Jon works with all of m5’s offices across Atlantic Canada to formulate sound strategies and execution plans. He also leads m5’s utility practice, working with both investor owned and public utilities and efficiency organizations to help them better understand their customers and how to communicate with them. His work is informed by course work in behavioural economics, behavioural finance and electricity industry operations from Ogilvy, and Duke University.