Jason Aspin

April 16, 2019 | 2:45–3:30pm

Energy Solutions for Buildings  -Challenges and leading edge tech solutions for managing energy in buildings. –John Molnar, CEO, CoEngAdvisors speaks to how cloud computing & energy management are colliding to offer sustainable solutions for building owners. -Tobias Janes, Head Technician, EcoPilot Canada Moderated by Jason Aspin, Partner, Aspin Kemp & Associates

About Jason Aspin

Jason Aspin co-founded Aspin Kemp and Associates (AKA) in 1996. Since graduating in marine engineering from the Canadian Coast Guard College in 1987 with specializations in power engineering and systems integration, he has built over 30 years of progressive experience in systems engineering in the Industrial, Marine, and Offshore environments. As an innovator, he dedicates his time to designing solutions which are both socially and environmentally responsible often introducing energy storage technologies to new applications. He has collaborated with other global innovators to develop new technologies of which several have been patented and have made a significant contribution in reducing the environmental footprint, increasing reliability and reducing operating costs for land-based and marine power generation systems around the world.