Derek Estabrook

April 16, 2019 | 10:30–11:50 am

Partner Workshop: How Natural Gas Technologies Support the Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy presented by Heritage Gas Tackling climate change is both a critical challenge and an opportunity for Nova Scotia to transition to a lower carbon economy. Technologies like energy efficient building HVAC systems, combined heat & power generation, natural gas heat pumps, renewable natural gas, and converting surplus renewable electricity into hydrogen gas can all support this transition and enable the growth of renewable energy..

About Derek Estabrook

Derek Estabrook is the Vice President of Business Development for Heritage Gas, the natural gas distributor for most of Nova Scotia. Derek’s team develops and commercializes new energy opportunities and technologies. These solutions help Nova Scotia building owners and industrial facilities reduce their energy costs and GHG emissions. Prior to joining Heritage Gas, Derek worked for 15 years in sales, marketing, product innovation, and business development roles in the food & beverage industry.