Program Highlights

2019 Highlights


Keynote I- Andy Chen on Building A Collaborative Energy Community
Even though all of the cities in the world combine to occupy only 2% of the world’s surface, these cities house over 50% of the world’s population, consume 75% of the world’s energy and produce 80% of the world’s CO2 emissions. As a result, modern societies are now having to face unprecedented challenges with respect to energy generation and delivery infrastructure. See more…
Andy Chen – CEO, Catronic Enterprise; Managing Founding Partner, REDDS Capital; President Elect IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society; Former CTO, Ontario Power Generation

Keynote II– Roundtable “Renewable Energy Commitments”
A “state of the union” look at what this region’s as well as our neighbours in the northeast and in other provinces have in place for smart and renewable energy commitments.
Ray McKay, VP, Energy Solutions, ENMAX
Moderator: Jon Sorenson– President -NECBC (New England Canadian Business Council)

Keynote III –Roundtable on Regs & Communities– Provinces share their views on the regulatory framework required to welcome smart & renewable energy projects into our communities.

Keynote IV – Disruption & Beyond

David Layzell is Director- Canadian Energy Systems Analysis Research Initiative and will provide thought provoking insight into the new Transition Pathway Accelerator for energy systems, how the energy sector is changing our freight infrastructure across Canada and how Personal Mobility initiatives will disrupt the EV and personal driving sector.

General Luncheon – Keynote V: 2019 Decentralized Energy Market Trends
Anouk Kendall, President, Decentralised Energy Canada
This presentation will provide an overview of the trends that are accelerating the uptake of decentralised energy technologies in Canada. Three primary focus topics of the presentation are electrification, decentralisation and digitalisation.


Demand Response & Peak Shaving – Leveraging technology and Behind the Meter Storage to integrate renewables into the grid. Presented by SpryPoint

Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions presented by Rexel & FLO

Emissions and Economic Impacts on Cities and Energy Systems of Urban Transportation Options
This session discusses urban centres long-term choices regarding urban density, passenger transportation and freight transportation.  Halifax, Ottawa, Calgary and Yellowknife are the focus of this study to explore the complexity of transportation and energy distribution systems managed by cities across the country.  What are the environmental and economic impacts of different transportation technology pathways 1) advanced internal combustion engines, 2) hydrogen-based fuel cells and 3) batteries?  Does increased urban density have a significant impact on transportation energy demand?  How will local GDP and jobs be impacted?
Allan Fogwill, President & CEO, Canadian Energy Resource Institute (CERI)

Energy Solutions for Buildings  -Leading edge tech solutions for managing energy challenges in buildings.
John Molnar, CEO, CoEngAdvisors speaks to how cloud computing & energy management are colliding to offer sustainable solutions for building owners.

Nouveau Energy Storage Tech
Let’s look at leading edge storage technologies and projects being offered.

Research Spotlight– Project Updates from Nova Scotia Community College, Dalhousie University, University of New Brunswick, St. Mary’s University and others.

Hydrogen- Air to Fuel Technologies
An inside look with carbon Engineering’s technology to produce global-scale quantities of clean fuels that are drop-in compatible with today’s transportation infrastructure and engines, but add little or no fossil carbon emissions to the atmosphere.
Anna Stukas, Business Development, Carbon Engineering

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure
Discover the new technologies in electric transportation and the design behind the infrastructure in our communities.

Tidal & Ocean Tech
Emerging technologies are often seen as disruptors and many of the ocean technologies currently being developed are just that and could be tomorrow’s game changers as this session will seek to explore.

Leading Energy Efficiency Initiatives
Let’s deep dive into some successful efficiency initiatives from various areas and hear what the future may have in store for our energy conscientious communities.

Solar- Meeting the Future Demand
Be one of the first to hear CanSIA’s new solar market outlook and supply chain study projected to 2030. Solar NS will provide an update of Efficiency NS’ increasingly popular SolarHomes Program. Join in on discussions including case studies of using solar pv, net metering and other technologies being deployed in our communities.
Lyle Goldberg, NS’ Policy & Regs Manager, CanSIA
David Brushett, Chair, Solar NS

Wind A Mix of Onshore/Offshore
Is offshore wind development a reality for Atlantic Canada and if so does it integrate with onshore projects and at what cost?

Spotlight on Smart Energy Projects– Join this session to hear about some amazing work being done in smart energy from Efficiency NS, QUEST, CAGBC, COVE, Solar NS and others.
Lara Ryan, Regional Director, Canada Green Building Council

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