2023 Breakout Sessions

Delegates and exhibition attendees are invited to attend these breakout sessions hosted by partners, exhibitors and innovators. 

April 17  10:00 am – 10:45 am – Maritime Room

2022 Remote Home Energy Audit Showcase

Partnering with Climative.ai, is to showcase results from a 2022 remote home energy audit pilot on over 90 Nova Scotia homes. Remote audits connect homeowners to certified energy advisers using a mobile-device video application, and uses an AI-powered energy modeling platform to present homeowners with easy-to-understand energy use insights and recommendations for upgrades. Results are compared to traditional audits. This approach has the potential to accelerate the transition to net zero by moving more homes through retrofit and electrification programs.

Presenters: Hugh MacDonaldDirector, Information and Analytics, EfficiencyOne
Winston Morton, CEO, Climative

April 17  11:00 am – 11:45 am – Maritime Room

Revolutionizing Powerline Inspections

Come learn how Detect is revolutionizing powerline inspections by combining drones, data and cutting-edge technology (including “AI”) to improve efficiency, safety, and information accuracy. We will share our story of how we created our innovative & proprietary approach that utilizes data & algorithms to optimize takeoff points for the drones and to organize and analyze the data collected during inspections. The result is a reduction in costs and time spent on inspections over time, while simultaneously increasing safety and providing more accurate and reliable information to our clients. The use of drones, data and advanced analytics allows for inspections to be conducted in areas that were previously difficult or dangerous to access, reducing risks for personnel. This innovative approach is transforming the way powerline inspections are conducted and improving the industry as a whole.

Presenters: Matt Sattler, President, Detect

April 17  1:30 pm – 2:15 pm – Maritime Room

Introduction to Federal Procurement and the Innovation in Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) Program

Procurement Assistance Canada (PAC), as part of Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC), helps smaller and diverse businesses better understand how the federal government buys goods and services, and how to navigate the procurement process to find and bid on opportunities. The Government of Canada is one of the largest public buyers of goods and services in Canada, and is committed to pursuing economic empowerment for equity-deserving groups and small businesses. This presentation will outline the basics of Doing Business with the Government of Canada.

PAC also helps to support the Department of National Defence’s (DND) Innovation In Defence Excellence and Security Program (IDEaS). This 1.6 billion dollar funding program transforms defence and security challenges being faced by the various partners in DND/CAF (Canadian Armed Forces) like the Air Force, the Navy, Army, special forces and others into innovative solutions to improve Canada’s defence capabilities. The IDEaS portion of our presentation will go over the highlights of the program and show how it can be applicable to a wide array of businesses including in the green energy sector. 

Presenter: Jonathan HebertRegional Outreach Officer, Procurement Assistance Canada (PAC) – Atlantic Region/Agent de sensibilisation, Soutien en approvisionnement Canada (SAC) – Région de l’Atlantique

April 17  2:30 pm – 3:15 pm – Maritime Room

Virtual Power Plants: benefits of aggregating Distributed Energy Resources

Learn about VPPs, including use cases, program design, and benefits. The presenters will explore the potential for VPPs to reduce power sector expenditures through avoiding generation build out, T&D investment, and wholesale energy costs. VPPs offer the chance to better manage existing assets and enable lower-cost, distribution-level alternatives. Aggregating these assets can enable utilities to incorporate a broader group of stakeholders and tap into a pool of flexible grid services, utilizing distribution-level control strategies to address modern day grid challenges.

Presenters: Ryan Shaw, Senior Vice President, Canada, CLEAResult
Mark Foreman, Director, Distributed Energy Resources Practice, CLEAResult
Mike Barg, VP of Engineering, Shifted Energy
Jonathan Howery, Senior Director of Client Success, Shifted Energy

April 18  10:00 am – 10:45 am – Maritime Room – Francophone session

Décarboner nos communautés : état des lieux, leçons du marché et perspectives pour un avenir carboneutre !

Decarbonizing Our Communities: State of Affairs, Market Insights, and Prospects for a Carbon-Neutral Future

presented by: Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec and Gouvernement du Québec

Les changements climatiques sont plus que jamais un enjeu planétaire, impactant notre vie quotidienne et bon nombre de secteurs d’activés. Les municipalités en collaboration avec des entreprises sont à la recherche de solutions pour réduire leurs émissions de gaz à effets de serre, réutiliser des matériaux et mieux gérer leur utilisation de l’énergie.

Quelles sont les leçons apprises ces dernières années? Quelles sont les perspectives et les tendances pour le futur ? Quelles sont les opportunités pour les municipalités et les entreprises ?

 Lors d’une table-ronde, des acteurs majeurs du secteur de la construction et des transports, ainsi que des représentants d’organisme et de municipalités échangeront sur les pistes d’action pour un avenir carboneutre.


Climate change is, more than ever, a global issue, impacting our daily lives and many sectors of activity. In collaboration with businesses, municipalities are looking for solutions to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, reuse materials and better manage their energy use.

 What are the lessons learned in recent years? What are the prospects and trends for the future? What are the opportunities for municipalities and businesses?

During a roundtable discussion, major players from the construction and transportation sectors and representatives from organizations and municipalities will exchange ideas on achieving a carbon-neutral future.

Modérateur: Hugo Lafrance, président du comité Économie verte, FCCQ, et Associé, Stratégies durables , Lemay

panel members:

Benoit Morin, vice-président, Ventes Canada, Lion Electric

Joao Dias, directeur développement, stockage d’énergie, Innergex 

Benoit Balmana, directeur général, IVÉO

April 18  11:00 am – 11:45 am – Maritime Room – Francophone session

Décarboner vos opérations en 7 étapes : présentation du Guide de décarbonation pour les entreprises

Decarbonizing Our Communities: State of Affairs, Market Insights, and Prospects for a Carbon-Neutral Future

presented by: Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec and Gouvernement du Québec

Découvrez cet outil destiné aux entreprises afin qu’elles puissent mettre en œuvre des mesures concrètes pour décarboner leurs opérations, et accroître leur performance environnementale. Ce guide réalisé en compagnie de la firme d’experts Dunsky, est adapté autant pour les grandes entreprises que les PME.


Discover this tool designed for businesses to implement concrete measures to decarbonize their operations and increase their environmental performance. This guide, created in collaboration with the expert firm Dunsky, is suitable for both large companies and SMEs.

presenter: Philippe Noël, vice-président, Affaires publiques et économiques, FCCQ