Partner Workshops

Partner Workshops
Registration Opens at 7:30 AM Each Day

Please note agenda sessions as well as speakers are subject to change without notice.

Workshop Room Seating Capacity

Room A: Kenneth C. Rowe Hall / 250 people table style

Room B: Windsor Foundation Classroom / 80 people theatre style

DAY 1 – Tuesday April 16th 2019

Day 1’s WORKSHOP SESSIONS from 8:30am to 12 noon are presented by the conference partners and open to all delegates and invited guests. Workshop sessions are allocated to conference partners on a first-come, first served basis.

8:30–9:15 am

Room A: HaliFACT 2050 – Acting on Climate Together. HRM Climate Strategy.  Speaker Alex MacDonald.  Presented by Halifax Regional Municipality

Room B: Smart Cities: AI for More Sustainable, Reliable, & Affordable Energy.  BluWave-ai will discuss some of the challenges facing communities, corporations, & utilities that want to increase their reliance on renewables, especially the ability to manage the cost and intermittency of different energy sources with user load in real-time. They will explore how artificial intelligence can be used to address these challenges and share how some of their clients like Summerside, Hydro Ottawa, and India’s Tata Power are leveraging artificial intelligence to reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions, while also improving grid reliability. Speaker Donald McGillis.  Presented by BluWave-ai

9:30-10:15 am

Room A: Demand Response & Peak Shaving – Leveraging technology and Behind the Meter Storage to integrate renewables into the grid. Presented by SpryPoint

10:30-11:15 am

Room A: Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions presented by Rexel & FLO. Addressing your infrastructure strategy for home, work and transit segments with two EV specialists who will list the potential real life pain points through the customer journey. Both presenters happen to be EV drivers! Get all your questions answered.

Room B: How Natural Gas Technologies Support the Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy presented by Heritage Gas. Tackling climate change is both a critical challenge and an opportunity for Nova Scotia to transition to a lower carbon economy. Technologies like energy efficient building HVAC systems, combined heat & power generation, natural gas heat pumps, renewable natural gas, and converting surplus renewable electricity into hydrogen gas can all support this transition and enable the growth of renewable energy. Speaker Derek Estabrook, VP, Business Development, Heritage Gas

11:30 am-12:15 pm

Room A: Consumer Insights presented by M5

Room B: Think Big: Building a $Billion Vision in NS Startups presented by Andrew Ray of Innovacorp.

Smart Building Microgrid Project at Innovacorp Incubator presented by Chad Mahoney of Innovacorp. The session will provide a program overview of the Predictive Energy Management concept that includes the implementation of advanced building analytics and controls combined with a microgrid test bed enabled with advanced control functionality.